Short Wedding

You may have thought long and hard about the biggest decision of your life. However, getting married is a whole different ball game. When you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding ceremony, want it to be short and sweet, yet special, consider Sydney Quick Weddings.

We will make it quick, super fun and stress free. We take care of all the paperwork and arrangements. All you have to do is arrive on the schedule time.

Beautiful, Affordable and Short Wedding

IMGP2316Why choose to get married in a dull and boring registry office, when you can get better service, a stunning venue and everything else at similar prices?

Get married in the beautiful roof deck in Balmain overlooking the Sydney Harboor and Cockatoo Island.

For a flat fee of $350, you can get married with up to 8 guests and we take care of everything.

Save Thousands of Dollars

If you believe registry ceremonies are the only affordable option, that’s not at all true. Sydney Quick Weddings makes your short wedding affordable, special and quick. More than a thousand couples have trusted our services for our quick presentation, friendly service and down to earth fees.

Three Steps to Your Short Wedding

  • Contact us to check availability and to book your wedding date.
  • Fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage form and send a scanned copy to us at least 30 days before the wedding date. We will lodge the legal paperwork with the Births, Deaths & Marriages NSW for you.
  • Arrive on the scheduled time and get married!

Sydney Quick Weddings is the place to be when you want to make short wedding special, memorable and really affordable.

Contact Sydney Quick Weddings today to book your short wedding.